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Véritable opportunité de recrutement, le contrat d’apprentissage est un contrat de travail qui permet au salarié de suivre une formation sur le principe de l’alternance. 

Il prépare à l’obtention d’un Diplôme ou d'un Titre Professionnel reconnu afin de renforcer les compétences de l'entreprise.


Le contrat d'apprentissage

1. Condition of Room & Common Facilities (Care of Premises)

  1. The new entry tenant is required to submit a copy of defects checklist within 3 days of collecting the room. The room and its furnishings will be deemed to be in good order if a checklist is not submitted. Tenants shall be responsible for any loss or damage thereafter, Co-workers, guests or visitors are jointly responsible for room damage and charges shall be borne by the main tenant.
  2. Tenants are not to make any alteration to the premises or to remove any fitting. Tenants are not to install a lock of their own or to have an additional one unless approved by Hovono Holdings.
  3. Tenants are not to dismantle and/or detach blinds and window grilles from the room. The main tenant shall be responsible for such damages and be prepared to assume full cost for repairs and/or replacement.
  4. All tenants are to display their company name inside the room conspicuously.
  5. Tenants can use any form of adhesive tape, blue tack, or other means of fixing objects to the walls in the rooms, however resident are required to seek prior approval from Hovono Holdings. The cost in making good any damage done in the process of removing these items shall be charged to the tenants concerned after the tenants exit or due to premature exit.
  6. All premises shall be kept clean, neat, and maintained in good condition. Tenants are to keep their rooms clean and tidy so as not to compromise the health and safety of their co-workers and fellow residents. The common corridors are to be free from all personal items which pose as obstacles during a fire evacuation and to cleaner for cleaning work.
  7. Furniture (tables, chairs & etc.) at the pantry area and common area is not to be indiscriminately used. Tenants are not to shift any furniture from the designated places to other locations and to their own room.
  8. Tenants are not to tamper with the power and network points in their room and common area.
  9. Cooking is not allowed in the room and pantry area. Tenants are to use the microwave provided by Hovono Holdings for warming their food. Please consume food at the pantry area and dispose of leftover foods, food boxes, utensil and etc. outside the premises. All pantries are to be kept clean at all times.
  10. Tenants are not to dismantle or tamper with the fire protection devices, fire extinguisher, digital lock, floor spring and door closers.

2. Workplace Security

  1. Tenants are advised not to keep large amount of money and valuables in their rooms. For security reasons, tenants are to lock all doors and windows, each time they leave their room.
  2. Hovono Holding is not liable for damaged, lost or stolen personal belongings in the room and share desking areas.
  3. To avoid unnecessary disputes, tenants are not to pass their room digital lock password or leave their digital keys in any place where they may be taken without the residents’ knowledge or consent. No one is allowed to stay in the rooms if the rightful occupants are not around.

3. Visitor Policy & Illegal Squatting

  1. Visiting hours are from 7.00am to 11.59pm. All guests (visitors who are not rightful occupants of the room) are to leave by 11.59pm. Tenants are responsible for the conduct of their visitors.
  2. Any person found residing in a room without approval from Hovono Holdings shall be treated as an illegal squatter.
  3. Tenants are not to accommodate any guest in their room. A resident who harbours or in any way assists an unauthorised guest is liable to premature contract termination and the balance of the rental & service fees and security deposit will be forfeited.

4. Rightful Room Occupancy

Tenants are not to sublet their rooms or allow another person to take over the room by residing under the rightful occupant’s name. The unauthorized tenant shall be treated as an illegal squatter shall then be dealt with according to Clause 3.3.

5. Use of Electrical Appliances

  1. Tenants who wish to install a refrigerator in their room are to pay $100.00 (subject to GST) as electrical charges per month and are required to declare the installation of a refrigerator at least 3 days before installation. Refrigerators are not to be more than 250 litre nett capacity. They are to be placed inside the room. No refunds of electrical charges will be made for withdrawal during a period. Tenants who fail to declare the installation of their refrigerators, or who are persistent in placing the appliance after being warned, are each liable to a double charge of $200 (subject to GST) per period.
  2. Tenants are not to install or use air coolers or cooking appliances of any type in the room, because of their high electrical consumption and likely causes of electrical tripping. Heating coils and hot plates (induction) are banned in the rooms as these items are fire hazardous and will cause power trips.
  3. Tenants are to use only electrical accessories such as 3-pin plug, multi-plug, power extension and electrical appliances that bear the SAFETY Mark. This is to ensure the safety of all users and to avoid tripping of the electricity supply.
  4. Tenants are not to use the power sockets located outside their room, which are provided for use by contractors for the cleaning of common areas.
  5. All electrical appliances (except refrigerators) are to be switched off when nobody is in the room. Lights and air-conditioning in pantry, common corridor and etc., are to be switched off when not in use or the last resident to leave the premises.

6. Prohibition and Conduct

  1. Any tenants’ caught committing a crime or theft of any kind shall be referred to the police for action and evicted from the premises with immediate effect. Tenants’ shall then be dealt with according to Clause 3.3.
  2. Pranks, ragging and rowdy games in any form are not to be carried out in the workplace.
  3. Tenants are not to talk loudly or make excessive noise at all times. Noise level must be kept down to allow others the opportunity to work in a conducive environment.
  4. Tenants are not to be involved in gambling, playing mah-jong, excessive drinking of alcohol, fighting, using habit-forming drugs, or using abusive language. Any resident found committing such offences is liable to premature termination and shall be dealt with clause 3.3.
  5. Tenants are prohibited to cigarette smoking, hookahs and smoke emitting equivalent products (e.g. e-cigarette) within the premises of the workplace. This includes all areas and rooms within the premises.
  6. Tenants are not to keep or feed animals inside the room of the premises.
  7. The burning of candles, incense, aromatherapy oils and the like are prohibited.
  8. Room shall not be use for the purpose of sleeping or permanent sleep residency.
  9. Consumption of durian fruits or durian equivalent food with strong and pungent smell is strictly prohibited.
  10. Construction and/or alteration of partitions and other additions to your room is not allowed.
  11. No placement of religious and/or fengshui signage, painting, figuring in the room of size larger than 20 CM Length by 20 CM Width by 20 Height in centimetre.

7. Inspection of Room

Hovono Holdings staffs reserve the right to enter rooms at any time with or without notice for the purpose of inspection and if they consider necessary. To take evidence of apparent noncompliance with these Rules & Regulations.

8. Eviction from Workplace

Any tenant whose action is harmful to the residents or is in breach of the rules and regulations shall be evicted from the workplace with immediate effect. The balance of the rental & service fee and the security deposit shall be forfeited.

9. Amendment to the Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations may be revised, amended, and introduced as and when deemed necessary by Hovono Holdings.

Vendeuse, boutique, magasin

Vendeurs, conseils en magasin


Description du poste

Mener un entretien de vente de produits et de prestations de services en magasin. Valoriser son entreprise et sa connaissance de l’environnement professionnel pour adapter son discours aux besoins du client. Traiter les réclamations du client en prenant en compte son entreprise. Assurer la mise en rayon, le rangement et le réassort des produits dans l’espace de vente, conformément aux règles d’implantation.



Valoriser les produits, notamment les promotions et les nouveautés. Participer aux ajustements nécessaires à l’atteinte des objectifs de vente.


Plusieurs secteurs d'activité:


Service conseil

Formation professionnelle


Communication par l'objet




Profil recherché

Vous disposez d'une première expérience.

Vous êtes autonome, vous aimez le challenge et le travail en équipe, vous souhaitez participer à l’évolution de l'entreprise. Rejoignez-nous pour cette nouvelle aventure professionnelle !


Contrat d'apprentissage : Formation vendeur conseil en Magasin (RNCP 13620)

Durée du contrat : 12 à 14 mois

Avantages : Participation au transport, Titre-restaurant, rémunération selon barème d'apprentissage et prime sur résultats

Lieu: Paris



Rôle et fonction :


Dans le respect de la stratégie commerciale de l'entreprise, afin de contribuer à la satisfaction et à la fidélisation du client, le manager d'unité marchande pilote l'offre produits, maintient l'unité marchande attractive, gère les stocks et optimise les ventes. Il gère et anime l'équipe. Il accompagne la performance individuelle de chaque collaborateur. Il assure la gestion financière et économique et contribue à l'atteinte des objectifs commerciaux et budgétaires, à l'optimisation du rendement économique et financier de l'unité marchande.


Plusieurs secteurs d'activité:


Service conseil

Formation professionnelle


Communication par l'objet




Profil recherché

Bac,  niveau bac expérience : une expérience préalable dans la vente est favorisante et peut même permettre de suppléer l'absence de diplômes / pour certains centres de formation cette expérience est indispensable, au minimum sous la forme de stages en entreprise validés

Contrat d'apprentissage : RNCP1889 - TP - Manager d’univers marchand- Titre pro de niveau 4 (VCM)


Durée du contrat :  400 heures

Avantages : Participation au transport, Titre-restaurant, rémunération selon barème d'apprentissage et prime sur résultats

Lieu: Paris

Poignée de main
Classe de maternelle



Description du poste :

  • Accueillir les enfants / les parents

  • S’occuper du change et des repas

  • Créer et mettre en œuvre les conditions nécessaires au bien-être des enfants

  • Favoriser l’autonomie et l’éveil de l’enfant

  • Stimuler les potentialités intellectuelles de l’enfant

  • Accompagner l’acquisition des premières connaissances

  • Rendre compte aux parents des progrès de l’enfant

Le CAP AEPE tient un rôle prépondérant car il permet de travailler aussi bien au sein de structures (crèches collectives, haltes-garderies et établissements d'accueil du jeune enfant) qu'au domicile de particuliers (gardes à domicile).

Profil recherché :

​Les stagiaires préparant le CAP AEPE (Ex Petite Enfance) ont des profils très variés mais partagent l'envie de travailler au contact des enfants, c'est avant tout une vocation. En effet, le secteur de la petite enfance est la promesse d'un large choix de métiers stimulants et humains. Ils allient aussi bien les responsabilités et la rigueur que l'autonomie et la proximité dans les relations humaines.

Contrat d'apprentissage : CAP - Accompagnement Educatif Petite Enfance (RNCP 28048)

Durée du contrat : 12 à 14 mois

Lieu: Paris

Formation ADVF

Assistant(e) De Vie aux Familles

Vous aimez aider les autres et vous recherchez un métier qui a du sens ? Vous souhaitez devenir un professionnel dans l’accompagnement pédagogique d’un enfant ? Rejoignez-nous et ayez l’opportunité d’aider les familles dans les tâches quotidienne !

Dans le cadre de notre développement, nous recrutons des aides à domicile, femmes de

ménage, garde d'enfants.


Missions :

- entretien courant de la maison, lavage, repassage...

- préparation des repas

- garde d'enfant(s), accompagner/récupérer l'enfant à l'école et aux activités extra-scolaires


Pour que vous puissiez prendre soin d'eux, NOUS PRENONS SOIN DE VOUS en vous offrant :

· Une formation qui sera financée au préalable et indemnisée par notre partenaire Pôle Emploi

· Titre professionnel ADVF obtenu en fin de formation

· Des missions proches de chez vous, adaptées à vos expériences et vos envies

· Des bénéficiaires que vous accompagnez dans la durée

Informations complémentaires :

Profil recherché :

Diplôme : aucun prérequis

Expérience : avoir un minimum d’expérience avec les enfants

Langue : Français – lu / parlé / écrit

Qualités personnelles : Personne de confiance - discrète - organisé - autonome - flexible

Lieu: Paris

Maman et un enfant